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Welcome to the astronomical Spring Apothecary! Presented here is a small-batch offering to include native, handmade apothecary items combined with ethically sourced medicines designed to keep you in tip-top condition throughout the Spring months.

As an introduction to my medical astrology practice, I am including your Elemental Body Type | Astro-Constitution. This is an astrological portrait illustrating your elemental balance as distributed by the planets at birth. A calculation that will help discover the weakest and most dominant elements in your physical and psychological makeup. This elemental terrain is a stellar platform to help harmonise herbs unique to you and so much more! If you have already received this reading, we will further explore your Planetary Health Chart e.g Big Three | Sun, Moon and Rising sign.

This is a limited edition offer due to the nature and scale of homegrown/wild plant material gathered. Prior knowledge of astrology is not a prerequisite for this service. An accurate date, time and location of birth is required.

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The Spring Apothecary Prescription Care Parcel for all ages* includes:

▸ Once purchased you will receive an email containing a link to a client intake and consent form to complete at your convenience with season-specific questions. For example you might like help with seasonal allergies, feelings of stagnation or a gentle Spring cleanse.

▸ Once I receive your details I will begin working on your customised prescription care parcel.

▸ Prescription care parcels last approximately one month and consist of four items from the following: loose-leaf tea blend, encapsulated or loose powder/s, drop dose tincture or non-alcohol alternative, syrup or sweet-free alternative, balm/rub or oil infused with flower, crystal + gem essences.

▸ You will also receive a document tabulating your astro-elemental body type, formulations with plant notes, dosage instructions and other recommendations.

▸ Eco/recycled-packaging + postage.

▸ Email support (one follow-up exchange).

The next cycle of Spring potions will be ready for decanting and bottling in May, suitable for plant-based lifestyles. Please allow one working week for your items to arrive. *Parental consent required for under 16 years of age.

Disclaimer: Please note that I only provide healthcare guidance and dispense medicines with a paid for service and, that a consultation is not a replacement for medical treatment.

4 reviews for Spring Apothecary Parcel

  1. Anonymous | London

    I feel better already! Thank-you so much. The personal tailoring is the most unique experience as usual. Wouldn’t it be nice for all to have that? Love it.

  2. Karen Williams | Denbighshire

    Received my Spring Apothecary package with in depth information included. It was like a shining star to guide you on your journey to a deeper clarity of understanding yourself and health from both the astrological viewpoint and intuitive nature of the herbalist. Full details of exactly what and why the specific herbs were blended for with clear instructions. All arrived safely and at the right time. Loved the beautifully packaged herbal tea blends. Fully recommended. Karen Williams of Dancing Dragon Herbs.

  3. Anonymous | Anglesey

    Your parcels are filled with magic and kindness!

  4. Tracy Henderson | Scotland

    I definitely feel my tailored Spring Apothecary was beneficial to my needs. I feel more energetic and my sleep pattern is also better. The care and attention to detail is magnificent. I highly recommend these packages.

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