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Recommended for long-standing conditions or situations from the comfort of your location.

See full description below. To read more about the consultation process please navigate to here.

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Follow-up consultation for all ages* includes:

▸ Once purchased you will receive an email (within 24hrs) with case relevant follow-up questionnaires to complete at your convenience.

▸ Once I receive your details we can schedule an appointment and I will prepare for our time together.

▸ Automated appointment reminder.

▸ Conversation (60 minutes) to case review, monitor and evaluate your progress online via the platform Zoom or by phone app Telegram depending on your preference.

▸ Blood and/or laboratory test results and interpretation.

▸ Updated wellness programme.

▸ Updated prescription* care plan and medicine timing chart.

▸ Email support (several follow-up exchanges per consultation).

*Parental consent is required for under 16 years of age and prescription items are additional costs – please read here.

Attending your appointment

Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment, wear comfortable clothing and bring prescription medications, supplements, recent blood or other test results including medical reports helpful to our time together. If you would like to recycle prescription packaging please bring these along and I will take care of them.

Disclaimer: Please note that I only provide healthcare guidance and dispense medicines with a paid for service and, that a consultation is not a replacement for medical treatment.

1 review for Premium Health Consultation | Follow-Up Appointment

  1. Anonymous | London

    I consulted Emma five years ago in the hope she could help me improve my general health. She did. I hadn’t considered myself ill but had stagnated into poor sleep, sluggish digestion, dry skin prone to eczema, constant neck pain, headaches, tiredness and the inability to manage stress well.

    Every few months I consulted Emma, usually starting off by saying ‘I’m better thanks’. Then she’d encourage me to take a closer look. She taught me more and more about myself and how underlying issues manifest as ill health, but never in a judgemental manner. She gave me advice on hydration, diet and exercise and prescribed when necessary, followed with a detailed Wellness Programme.

    Looking back at my programmes I see how far I have come. She gave me the confidence to address issues I had dismissed as of no consequence. I felt nurtured into taking care of myself.

    There were no quick fixes on my journey towards better health, just gradual step by step changes. The once in a while financial cost was no more than frequent indulgences and far better value. At 9 stone 7 pounds I am almost a stone lighter without trying. My once flaky, peeling skin on my hands left me hiding them from the squeamish. No need now. My belly is no longer bloated and covered with loose clothing. I don’t have headaches, sugar cravings or the need to crash out on the sofa. My sleep is better, my posture is more as it once was and my long term neck pain is much improved, until I slip up and neglect specific exercises. I’m less stressed, get more out of life and best of all, I believe I am better company. I intend to stay with Emma for maintenance consultations and more wise words. Taking the time to learn from Emma is the best thing I ever did for myself and for others. Enjoy.

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