Planetary Health Chart ~ Follow-Up


Welcome to the Planetary Health Chart follow-up reading! This service is designed to further explore your natal chart as guided by your needs. For example we can use these sessions to concentrate on one of the following:

▸ observe transits (your astro-weather in real time) and how they may be effecting your well-being

▸ focus on segments/sections of your natal chart that you would like to deepen your relationship with e.g. the Moon + Lunar journalling to help track health concerns

▸ explore your astro-nutrition needs

▸ design an astro-aligned functional movement program (available in 2020 on receipt of a Corrective Exercise certificate)

▸ craft a lifestyle to suit your natal energy

Planetary Health Chart follow-ups can only take place on completion of the foundation collection of readings. Prior knowledge of astrology is not a prerequisite for this service.

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Planetary Health Chart ~ Follow-up for all ages* includes:

▸ Once purchased you will receive an email containing a link to a follow-up questionnaire to complete at your convenience.

▸ Once I receive your details we can schedule an appointment to include an automated appointment reminder. I will then prepare for our time together by casting your natal chart, medically scanning + researching your birth chart for new information.

▸ Guidance session (60 minutes) with a pot of tea to identify, explore and upgrade your astro-needs in-person or online.

▸ For your appointment I will craft the following:

» updated combination digital + hand illustrated natal chart

» updated astro-care plan

» updated astrological prescription with formulations* + medicine timing chart

▸ Email support (one follow-up exchange per astro-reading).

*Parental consent is required for under 16 years of age. *Prescription items are additional costs which you may read about here.

Disclaimer: Please note that I only provide healthcare guidance and dispense medicines with a paid for service and, that an astro-consultation is not a replacement for medical treatment. In addition, I don’t tell fortunes, predict events/surgery dates or work with past lives.


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