Medical Astrology | Foundation Appointments (package available)


Welcome to the Planetary Health Chart ~ A Collection of Readings! Presented here is a modular sequence of medical astrology readings delivered within a healing trimester (three months). It encourages a steady pace sensitive to your needs in order to integrate information received from your natal chart one celestial step at a time.

This service is highly individualised, detail oriented and handcrafted. Suitable for people interested in medical astrology as a lens for healing. This might include addressing a specific health challenge or be for general health maintenance. Whatever your primary concern unlocking this sophisticated healing system will deepen the work we do together with focused support and finely tuned therapeutics.

Your natal chart encapsulates a wealth of information! The collection of foundation readings are designed to flow in a gradual fashion to avoid overwhelm and to foster healing momentum. For those who have received a reading/s via the seasonal apothecaries we will simply keep progressing with your chart.

“Herbal medicine is probably the oldest form of medicine and it has long been used in conjunction with astrology”. Jane Ridder-Patrick

Prior knowledge of astrology is not a prerequisite for this service. An accurate date, time and location of birth is required.

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Planetary Health Chart ~ A Collection of Readings for all ages* price includes:

▸ Once purchased you will receive an email containing a link to a client intake and consent form including a downloadable health appraisal questionnaire to complete at your convenience.

▸ Once I receive your details we can schedule an appointment to include an automated appointment reminder. I will then prepare for our time together by casting your natal chart, medically scanning and researching your birth map.

▸ Foundation readings are delivered in a 60 minute guidance session (meeting once a month for three months – 180 minutes in total) to explore your chart in-person or online.

▸ Each session will include orientation time and a translation of my findings in an easy to grasp practical style.

▸ For each appointment I will craft the following as guided by your needs and relevant to the reading:

» the first reading will consist of a tabulation illustrating your elemental constitution

» from the second reading you will receive a combined digital and hand illustrated natal chart that we build upon in each session

» an astrological care plan with lifestyle adjustments e.g how to balance your elemental body type, how to nurture your vital centres (Sun, Moon and Rising Sign)

» an astrological prescription with formulations* and a medicine timing chart

▸ Email support (one follow-up exchange per astro-reading).

*Parental consent is required for under 16 years of age and prescription items are additional costs – please read here.

Attending your appointment

Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment, wear comfortable clothing and bring prescription medications, supplements, recent blood or other test results including medical reports helpful to our time together.

Disclaimer: Please note that I only provide healthcare guidance and dispense medicines with a paid for service and, that an astro-consultation is not a replacement for medical treatment. In addition, I don’t tell fortunes, predict events/surgery dates or work with past lives.


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