Consultation Style

I offer a consultation style to suit individual need, budget and location. Each appointment embraces natural healing techniques aligned with the principles and practice of herbal medicine. I integrate Western and Eastern philosophy, weaving tradition with modern science and research to nurture the body’s self-healing wisdom.

During a consultation and depending on the appointment type we may explore your:

  • dreams and aspirations
  • goals and priorities
  • past medical history and family medical history
  • symptoms
  • diet and lifestyle
  • supplement intake
  • any other information you wish to share

Health appraisal questionnaires are used to engage you and your environment to help identify imbalance/disturbance taking root within your constitution. With your permission I may also carry out physical/clinical assessments such as taking blood pressure, utilise HRV biofeedback technology and energy healing techniques e.g., applied kinesiology.

My primary role is to guide and support you with practical self-help tools, designed to your specific need and co-created so that you feel listened to, cared for and inspired to implement positive change.

To ensure a safe process suggestions and recommendations take into consideration of existing treatment plans for potential interactions and/or contraindications. In some cases I may (with your permission or at your request) make referrals, dialogue with health professionals and suggest gold standard laboratory testing to further investigate.

It is advisable to follow-up as recommended to monitor, evaluate and discuss your progress, repeating or adjusting wellness programs and prescription care plans where needed.

Each person responds differently to their care plan with varying degrees of recovery depending on levels of health and fitness, financial investment and commitment. It can take time, patience and discipline to see long-term holistic change, especially in complex or chronic cases and unresolved conditions or situations.

Step-by-step each appointment adds another layer to the healing process in order to be effective and sustainable. If your situation is beyond my ability to tend, I will refer you to a practitioner who can better meet your needs.

A limited number of concessions are available upon request. Home visits are occasionally possible by arrangement, individually priced to include a chaperone and fuel costs.

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